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The “Winter Cup” organized annually by the Yacht Club of Greece attracts the most and the best of competition sailors making it probably the most exciting and meticulously organized sailing event with the most diverse and well put together racing courses.

The Yacht Club of Greece was established in 1933, with an aim to promote sailing and yacht racing in Greece, as well as to develop nautical tourism and being able to inspire love and respect for the sea and the national nautical traditions.

The “Winter Cup” Series of sailing racing is a series of 4 races namely: St. George’s, Okto, Lagousses, and Salamina race.

In 2015 we won 1st place overall, plus 2 individual 1st’s; one in Salamina race and one in Okto, one 2nd place in St. George’s and one 3rd in Lagousses race.

Being proud members of the Yacht Club of Greece we are highly motivated to prove ourselves by bringing the Winter Cup home.

As we have done a number of times in our history.



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