LIZZA is a 5.5mIC boat designed by Willem de Vries Lentsch Jr. and built in 1952 in the Netherlands at the G. de Vries Lentsch en Werf Het Fort te Nieuwendam, from mahogany on oak ribs.  She participated in the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games, representing the Netherlands. A very capable, historic boat of the era, as she was the first 5.5’ ever built in the Netherlands and her original sail number was NED-1.

The Team had been looking to buy a classic yacht to participate for the years to come in the Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta. After long brainstorming sessions we felt that a 5.5mIC boat would be the most suitable solution for the purpose. These boats are very powerful, pointing remarkably high on windward legs and carrying very big spinnakers downwind.

The 5.5’s were, back in 1937, a stroke of genius of Charles E. Nicholson as a more economical alternative to the then very popular 6’s. The first boat was built in 1949 and by 1952 the 5.5’s achieved Olympic status in the Helsinki Olympic Games. In 1968 in Mexico City was their last Olympics. Russia having built a large number of 5.5’s, very fast boats with aesthetically pleasing lines, they attracted the rich, the famous and the Royals of the era. Hence the nickname “the boats of the Kings and the Communists” !!

Following their Olympic times, the class remained very active.

Being a development class, the design and the materials improved over time, hence, a very wide range of boats, with different ages, different material and designs, competing effectively to date. They are divided into three categories, the classics – built until 1970, the evolutions – from 1970 to 1994, and the moderns – after 1994. Some 700+ boats are believed to have been built over the years. Currently there are 418 boats in existence, out of which 112 actively racing.

We looked at a number of Classic 5.5’s for sale, but when we discovered LIZZA – at a warehouse close by Zurich – we immediately fell in love. She was with a very caring owner since 1989, in immaculate condition. We agreed buying her on the spot, with the only request of the former owner, to keep her under the same name – LIZZA. And we did keep our promise !


MELX II – with participations in Pan European and World Championships in Spain, Italy, France, up to 2010 as SAIOLA IV – in later years has been taking part in tough competition in Greek Waters, as the Aegean Rally, the North Aegean Rally, the Aegean Regatta, the National Championship and in numerous other races.

MELX II is registered with the Yacht Club of Greece -YCG

MELX II is a monohull Sinergia 40 competition boat. Lengh Over All: 12.10m. Draft: 2.41m.. Displacement: 6,600 Kg. Rigging: Sloop type. Built in 2002. Crew 10-11. Certified: ORC International & IRC.

The synergy among the design, technology and quality, has produced the Sinergia 40. The design, because the designers Botin & Carkeek are the world leaders in design of Cruiser Racers boats.

The technology applied to the Sinergia 40, is not only a way to build the boats, is to look for the best sailing performances, through the composites engineering getting the best and longer mechanical properties.

Sinergia Composites has as the main objective, the quality in their products, and the Sinergia 40 is the demonstration of the quality well known worldwide.



Since being launched in 2001, the Sinergia 40 has proved to be the top production IMS boat in Europe by winning both the 2001 IMS World Championships and the highly competitive Copa Del Rey regatta. At the 2002 Copa Del Rey, 6 out of the top 7 boats in the newly formed IMS 600 Class were Sinergia 40’s.

2001 – Rolex IMS Offshore World Championship – Telepizza-Pepsi/ Sinergia 40/ Luis Doreste/ Sociedad Esponsor/ Spain – 2002 – MS 600 WORLD CHAMPION: TELEFÓNICA MOVISTAR  IMS 600 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RUNNER-UP: SIEMENS MOBILE. – 2003 – TEAM REVOLUTION HH (Retevision) CHAMPION OF THE CETTIMANA INTERNAZIONALE IMS


Built to BUREAU VERITAS approved plans and laminated with epoxy and vynilester resins reinforced using hybrids E and S glass multiaxial fabrics.

Exterior hull and deck is isoftalic gel coat. All the materials are anti-osmosis certificate. The main structural bulkhead, as well the rest of the bulkheads, are vacuum made with epoxy resin and assembled to the hull with biaxial fabrics.

Deck is foam and balsa cored and completed with the hybrid glass high modulus multiaxials, having backplates for the working points. .



BENETEAU 473 – An ideal boat to race short handed. Designed by Groupe Finot, a good all around performer, with blue water capabilities, that allowed the crew to live-in after the race, in a very luxurious set up. Sailing as it once was.

AON - 2004/07

MUMM 30 -The first pure racing boat of the Team. Amazing in reaching and running conditions. Winner of the 45th Aegean Rally under IRC, the smallest boat ever to win this very demanding Rally. Excellent fun, high speeds and despite its small size, a very solid offshore boat.

MELX - 2007/09

MELGES 32 Type – A turbo charged racer from the drawing board of Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design, build in the USA. An amazingly fast boat, good fun to race, but very wet !!!! Not only did we take line honors in a number of occasions but there had been races that we crossed the finish line, two, three, even four hours ahead of much larger yachts.

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