MELX III – 5.5mIC modern

Since our initial involvement with the 5.5mR class – that was with LIZZA, which is a classic boat – we were intrigued with the modern designs available. These are very powerful boats, fast in the water and exciting to race.

LIZZA – 5.5mIC classic

LIZZA is a 5.5mIC boat designed by Willem de Vries Lentsch Jr. and built in 1952 in the Netherlands at the G. de Vries Lentsch en Werf Het Fort te Nieuwendam, from mahogany on oak ribs.

MELX II – Synergia 40

MELX II – with participations in Pan European and World Championships in Spain, Italy, France, up to 2010 as SAIOLA IV – in later years has been taking part in tough competition in Greek Waters…


A turbo charged racer from the drawing board of Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design, build in the USA. An amazingly fast boat, good fun to race, but very wet !!!!


The first pure racing boat of the Team. Amazing in reaching and running conditions. Winner of the 45th Aegean Rally under IRC, the smallest boat ever to win this very demanding Rally.


An ideal boat to race short handed. Designed by Groupe Finot, a good all around performer, with blue water capabilities, that allowed the crew to live-in after the race, in a very luxurious set up.