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The North Aegean Cup was the warm-up race before the European ORCi Championship. Our first priority was to start practice runs to familiarize ourselves with the course and the wind of the venue. Still, winning the event was our main concern.

On the first day, July 1st, we had an offshore race of 26NM. We started outside the Porto Carras Marina, rounded a buoy and headed north to the second mark off the village of Nikiti. Rounding the 2nd mark, we were quite behind our opponents, but the race was far from over.

So during the 3rd leg, where we had to go round the island of Kelyfos to the 3rd mark, we did our best and recovered much of the time lost. We decided to follow our own route and tack after rounding the mark, staying in the wind, rather than taking the more direct route to the 3rd mark.

That decision paid off, and we made a good comeback to secure 2nd place, only 18sec short of the first boat on corrected time.

The next 2 days, we had 2 windward/leeward races each day. We managed to secure 2 first places and sailed well overall, still standing tall comparing to our main competitors; BULLET, and MY WAY.

In the end, the final result left us a bit disappointed, as we came 2nd in the overall standings, with the exact same score as the first boat; 2 first places and 2 second places.

But the biggest race of the season was just about to start.



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