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One thing we like about sailing is competition.

Contrary to the popular belief our opponent is our friend; he is not our enemy, not the one who tries to snatch victory from our hands.

We welcome competition, in fact we couldn’t do without it . Besides, every time we set sails we compete against the waves.

Winning is conquering hurdles with the purpose of reaching a goal. However, the value in winning is only as great as the value of the goal reached. And of having tough barriers to overcome. Hence, the more challenging the obstacle, the greater the opportunity to discover and expand one’s true potential.

Competition is a serious obstacle standing in the way of our goal. And the greater the competition, the better the performance, the higher the excitement; the tougher the competition, the sweeter the victory.

Inexperienced players get carried away and try their best to win. Their main focus lies on defeating their opponents one-by-one.

Well seasoned sailors stay calm and try not to make mistakes.

On Sunday, May the 8th, participating in the “Lakis Kyriakidis Cup – 2016”, we were blessed with strong competition. Not too many boats, but teams with proven track record and many championships in their trophy case.

At 11 hundred hours seven boats took to the start line for a coastal race of about 17nm. Three and a half hours later, 03:18:33 to be exact, we crossed the finish line winning 1st position; our first 1st for the season.

2nd position was won by MY WAY, 3rd by BULLET; two of the finest teams in sail racing.

Another thing we like about sailing, is winning.



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