We are a team. And as they say, a team is more than the sum of its parts -the individual members, of the team.

We are TEAM EXLence and MELX II is our Boat and she is part of the Team. It’s a She anyway.

We get together for the thrill of the race, or we spend time together for exchanging ideas and learn from each other. Sometimes we think together as One.

We support one another and together we take the Challenge. Together with MELX II, our Boat. We love our Boat and we have this strange feeling that we are loved back. We take good care of Her, Panayiotis, Spyros, Avrilia, Demetris, Alexander, the other Alexander, Leonidas, George, John, Lambros, some with the sails, some with the mast and the lines, some organizing and planning and charting courses and deciding on tactics. And Stavros at the helm. Yes, the Skipper, as he is not so much about titles, he says “The Captain is the person who everyone turns to if things get ugly”.

And things do get ugly and then we have this so obviously discernible but totally unidentifiable perception that She works as hard as we do to get us in the clear again.

As it is about simply proving who is the best, although knowingly that we will never get anywhere near perfect performance.

We keep trying to make the best out of our TEAM EXLence and MELX II -our Boat.

There is no “i” in team but there is in win.

Michael Jordan

When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.

Joe Paterno