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True story.

Races are normally named after the area or the destination they are associated with, or the type of boats, or after some famous name, or any other crazy idea; but “Little Pig”? No, it’s not the island around which the race circumvents, neither is after the (in)famous Miss Piggy, nor about some victorious sailboat (who on earth names their boat “Little Pig”? well, you can never be sure…) nothing like that. It is named after the Grand Trophy. Sure you all know America’s Cup (affectionately known as the “Auld Mug”), not the piggy bank awarded prize (see pict.) that the winner takes home till next year, but the real Trophy is the “Little Pig”.

Here is the story:

Long time ago some friends, sailing aficionados, with fast boats (at least they insisted so) and lots of time in their hands, after endless “my-boat-can-beat-your-boat” they came to a decision to put an end to the on going chest-beating, to settle the dispute once and for all: “Guys, we go for a race inside the Cove of Voula!”

As crazy as it sounds, at least to the uninitiated (see map), the challenge was accepted with open arms. And in order to “fully bake” the idea (“fully roast” might we say?) -or to make it, crazy-crazy, following an unanimous consensus: the Grand Trophy for the Winner should be a golden roasted succulent suckling pig (or maybe not exactly “suckling”, but this is not important).

As the story goes, instead of settling the argument, some came up with the strong will to settle the score. Therefore the challenge for a rematch. Besides, since in fact everybody had a chance to elbow their way to the table and get a chunk or two (practically plenty) they “reluctantly” took the dare.

Welcome to the Present.

On October 28, at 11 hundred hours, about 20 boats (16 to be exact, but it is not important) lined up at the starting point to take the challenge, inside the Cove of Voula(!).

Welcome to the 2015 “Gourounopoulo” (that’s Greek for “Little Pig”) Race, “succulently” organized by the Yacht Club of Voula. With an abundance of grilled yummies and munchies. And certainly, the much celebrated, and long awaited, the highly appreciated, roasted; “Little Pig”! Grand Prize for the Winner(s? …it’s not important).

And everybody went home happy and glorious (and perhaps a little tipsy) “till next year!”

Oh yes, by the way, we won 2nd place.



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