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“KASSIDI – 2015”, SAT. SEPT. 05

On the first race of the second half of the season we were all very anxious to keep the momentum of good results. On a beautiful sunny day, with very, very little wind, keeping up with our good track record it would definitely be a challenge. Throughout the race the wind was 5-7kts with gusts reaching 8-9 kts; very low wind speed indeed for the 18 nautical miles course.

New faces in TEAM EXLence; we had a number of new team members on board, as we are trying to fine tune with the best possible crew, for our most important regatta of the year; the Greek Nationals, coming up next week.

Our start right outside the Floisvos Marina was far from ideal, however, the team worked inch by inch, to (re)gain ground over the rest of the fleet.

By the time we reached the coast of Glyfada we were 2nd, closing up to the larger and faster ERYTOS. Coming up on the turning point, half way through the race, at the isle of Kassidi, we were only a few boat lengths behind ERYTOS.

The return leg seemed easier, as together with ERYTOS we grew a much bigger distance from the rest of the fleet, literally left fighting against each other.

The end result; winners by 3’55” on a 3,5hrs race, is more than pleasing.

Reflecting the past, this is the 3rd year in a row we are winning this race.

Greek Nationals here we come, maybe with some new faces on board, certainly with the same old passion to win.

See you all next week…



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