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OK, now consider this.

You take a smooth sailing boat by deign and race it relentlesly to the linits, and beyond, battling choppy seas and high winds for hours, with no signs of abating. You destroy no less than three sails, damage two more, your mast being so nice to you holds firm but you can’t be so sure for how long.

In heavy weather and difficult conditions which caused half of the15 boats registered for the race never to make it to the start line, and of the rest all with damages, 3 to drop out.

And then, after 8 hours and fifteen minutes of tough negotiations with rough waves and merciless gusts of wind, yet had you been sensible and such you definitely would have been on dry land enjoying your whatever, you win 2nd position overall, you are what?

OK, it may be.

However, we are TEAM EXLence and we are passionate about racing sailing boats, and winning.

Staying focused and high on determination comes with high risks that eventually can come with great rewards, particularly to certain people with high expectations (honestly, kind of dissapointed, we wanted 1st!).



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