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It was actually a matter of time before we scored our first win in this year’s competition; in the 3rd race we took part we won 1st place. Good for us!

The Varkiza Race organized by N.A.O.B.B. started at 11:00’ Saturday morning on April 20th, from Faliro towards the Varkiza Cove and back, 26nm in total.

Early on while still in Faliro we experienced a wind rapidly changing strength from 8 to 10 knots and direction from N to N-NE. It was obvious that the leg to Varkiza would be on a broad reach with spinnaker and constant trimming, therefore we decided on taking the left, the windward side of the starting line and choosing heavy air spinnaker that remains mostly unaffected by wind changes in strength and direction, as well as the sudden gusts (Spyliades) blowing along the shore.

Right from the start ATALANTI XI and ERYTOS took the lead of the race sailing fast with light spinnakers straight on to the destination. We chose to stay slightly higher close to the shore in order to take advantage of the gusty N-NE wind blowing along the shore, catching up real fast with the boats ahead.

Soon we were proven right on our choices as we turned into the Varkiza Cove right behind their stern, of the three boats ahead of us. Perfect coordination among the crew, skillful trimming, and excellent strategy brought us to the top together with larger and therefore faster boats. On our way back we stayed true to our strategy, sailing all the way to the finish line close hauled on starboard tack, at times, close to dead to windward.

At the end of the race we won in the ORCi class by 2’17” on corrected time as Farr40 ATALANTI XI crossed the finish line only 12’ ahead of us and ERYTOS in less than 6’.

Up next on our calendar is the “Lakis Kyriakides Cup”, triangular 12-18 nm course, on Aril 27th.

We’ll keep you posted!


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