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Another exciting weekend full of fierce competition for the 21st Spring Cup – 2015.

Saturday, May 16, PATROKLOS 2015

Very cloudy date on the first half a nice sunshine on the second. Winds from southerly directions 8-12 kts.

After an exceptional start we sailed for some time together with the three larger boats of the fleet and ahead of our main rivals. A tactical mistake towards the first third of the race cost us some considerable time. We rounded the turning point at Patroklos fifth.

Nonetheless we managed to cover on the downing leg a considerable amount of what we lost earlier on the upwind leg, however, that proved enough to cover only one position at the end result. The day ended with a 3rd under IRC and a 4th under ORCi.


Clear skies, light winds 6-10kts from southerly directions.

Frustrated from the not so good result of the previous day, today we were determined to have a better race in the two w/l courses scheduled for the day.

Our start of the 2nd course was not so good, however we managed to recover soon and ended up winning by 17″ under ORCi and 43″ under IRC.



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