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The 3rd race of the Yacht Club of Greece “Winter Cup – 2015” took place on Sunday, November 15, under perfect summery weather.

Glorious sunshine, temperature in the low 20’s (°C), light winds 2 – 5kts from different directions, not so welcomed for a sailing competition.

After staying for around two hours with empty sails, a coastal course was decided by the committee, and everybody jockeyed for the “best” position at the starting line. Every boat on the crowded course trying to make the most of every puff of breeze, with a very intense and tight competition, deciding on the fly where and when they might have better chances to improve their position.

In hindsight, some of our decisions could have been different. Some bets didn’t pay off. All in all we finished 3rd; no good but not bad either, under the circumstances.



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