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Rolling the dice on the very last race of the year.

The forecast was for rain and heavy winds. When we arrived at the Yacht Club it was sunny and totally windless.

Go figure….

We went out on the water (1st week of December that is) on t-shirts; within 15 minutes it was pouring but the wind was 10-12 knots.

After an hour of very heavy rain, we had for the rest of the day very mild weather, the wind was in between 8 and 18 knots, but it was very patchy and shifty.

As a result luck had a major roll in today’s racing. In the 1st race of the day we had a very bad start but, mark by mark, we managed to recover ending up in 3rd place. In the 2nd race we had a fantastic start and we paced mark #1 way ahead of everyone else.

Under normal circumstances we had the first place in our pocket. But this was not meant to be.

The wind shifted unexpectedly and falling into a couple of “black holes” in the last downwind leg threw us back to 3rd place.

The end result for the day even more dramatic; 3 boats fighting for 2nd place overall, all with 7 penalty points.



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