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What a wonderful glorious day!

Temperature 22°C leading to 24°C later in the day. Wind variable 4-6 kn, building up to E 7-10 kn! Hey, what else can you ask for a day out on the water? Especially if you throw in the mix an enthralling race.

On Sunday March 17, the “Ilias Karonis Memorial Race – 2016”, pulling in 18 participating teams, 17 at the crowded starting line, getting ready for the course of 24nm from Faliro to Fleves island and back.

It’s no secret in sail racing that the key to a successful outcome is consistent starting, primarily the need to avoid the clustered territory and hunt for good clean lanes.

As it is; that sometimes if you want to be on the top you need to follow.

While every team was jockeying for a god spot at the starting line, our strategy paid off and after a good start we managed to pull away pretty well from the fleet, following real close two of the larger boats namely: DANAI and ERYTOS II.

Good choice, as we finished just a few minutes behind them (however, we were awarded many more).

Still, due to the fact that in the afternoon, towards the end of the race course, the sea breeze reached its peak, offering considerable help to the smaller boats from the bottom of the fleet, we were awarded 2nd place by one minute corrected time.

Second place in fierce competition with 17 of the best teams eager to win, on a day on the water that leaves nothing to be desired, feeling good about our choices given the circumstances; hey, not bad!



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