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We dominated but we did not have to put up a fight.

As you move closer towards the end of the season the risk for damages increases; the boats are getting overworked, some maintenance is getting overlooked and fatigue is obvious on the crews. At the same time everyone wants the extra victory, one last trophy for the year.

This Salaminos race was the 4th and last heat of the Winter Cup, organized by the Yacht Club of Greece, Our Club. We already had won heat #1 and #3 and had a 3rd on heat #2. All we had to do today was to run a safe race, avoid taking risks or being aggressive, avoid breakdowns, and get a decent placement. After all, the second placed boat’s score was double of ours.

The forecast for the day was not good; strong winds and generally stormy conditions. It felt everyone preferred to stay at the coziness of the club house; but the race had to go on, so we reluctantly started preparing the boat, light sails out, heavy sails on etc. The sea was choppy as a result of the southerly wind blowing during the last three days and the wind was exceeding 25 knots, with gusts reaching 30.

The race committee after postponing the start for an hour was forced to cancel the race altogether, due to bad weather.

We won the Winter Cup, one of our main targets for this year…

…but we did not put up much of a fight today.



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